Business Support Services

To succeed in your business, you have to support and enhance your business just as effectively as you support and strengthen your clients . This means having talented people to develop and manage your brand, control your finances, run your IT infrastructure, and take care of all the other thousands of tasks involved in making sure your offices run smoothly. Business support services offers varied and stretching challenges. We can take care of such challenges for you.

We provide the concierge service support to a variety of business industries. We build solutions that align with your firm’s culture, challenges and goals. Our combined on-site and onshore delivery model provides 24/7 access to as much or as little support as your firm needs – where and whenever you need it.

Blending the right balance of people, process, delivery and technology, we will help you to engage more effectively with internal and external audiences to drive your brand differentiation and establish your competitive edge. We work and deliver to international standards and agreed service levels, providing a best-in-class service.

Our wide range of business process and support services includes:

Accounting & Book Keeping Services

We offer a comprehensive accounting service to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function. We have dedicated and experienced team that is ready to take on the role of your accounts department. Our knowledge provides comfort that all day-to-day to complex transactions are accounted for correctly. Our team of qualified and skilled finance professionals can handle the full spectrum of financial and accounting work, ranging from the fundamental booking of journal entries to the complication of statutory financial statements ready for audit.

Our service offerings cover all aspects of the accounting function, including:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivables
  • Daily General ledger Maintenance
  • Time tracking & job cost reporting
  • Expense classification
  • Sales commissions
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Balance sheet generation and review
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Financial statements & custom reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Foreign banking management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Tax & Audit support
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

Payroll Processing

We offer extensive experience in the operation of the payroll function and a track record of delivering accurate cost effective web-based payroll services. We offer customized payroll services, which have the potential to save your costs as compared to an in-house payroll professional.As a professional payroll service provider, you can run your business knowing that a trusted advisor is handling the payroll processing. All your payroll information will be maintained accurately and securely, and you can access our online payroll services anytime, from any computer.

Our payroll services include:

  • Accurate paydays
  • Timesheet management
  • Direct deposit
  • Professional payroll processing- paychecks and pay stubs
  • Secure, online employee access to payment records
  • Payments to independent contractors
  • Vacation and sick pay tracking
  • All major pay types: salary, hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, expense reimbursements, allowances, holidays, etc.
  • Social Insurance (GOSI) calculation and Settlement.

Reconciliation Services

We offer professional account reconciliation services for small and medium businesses, corporate houses and large organizations including. Our expert services can help prevent fraud, avoid legal issues and help you focus better on your main business goals.Account reconciliation, defined as the act of confirming whether the actual account balance matches the corresponding bank statement, is crucial to the financial health of large corporations and organizations. By verifying the accuracy of each account, the account reconciliation team identifies errors and inconsistencies requiring correction, and reconciles the final balance accordingly.

Banking & Insurance Support Services

We provide support services for your banking and insurance requirements in Saudi Arabia. We can do banking services on your behalf as well as to assist you to secure various insurance requirements your business need in country.

Administration / Back office support

Day-to-day, business critical functions are often taken for granted. Inefficiencies in organizational operations can dramatically affect productivity and quality, costing valuable time and money.

We deliver full-service on- or off-site operational management for vital business support activities such as:

  • Administrative assistance
  • Business Services
  • Transaction processing
  • Data Entry
  • Documents / record management
  • Administrative operations
  • Accounting (receivables/payables)
  • Customer service
  • Contract management
  • Procurement
  • Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Research fulfilment

Our Back Office Management solutions are strategically developed to make an impact on your organization’s bottom line. We will work very closely with your organization to provide an unbiased and customized solution that will provide enterprise tracking and benchmarking of any business support function, providing immediate transparency and accountability.

Executive Support Services

Our specialty is providing executive administrative support services. Below is a listing of some of the ways that we can make your business and personal life easier. If you don't see a service listed that you are interested in, please contact us and ask about it.

  • Calendar Management: Schedule and confirm all of your meetings and appointments with clients and colleaguesContact/Client Management
  • Update your contacts with client, colleague and networking contacts
  • Send gifts to clients/prospective clients
  • Travel Management: Search for best travel deals for travel to meetings, Manage travel reward programs, creating a complete travel itinerary, Manage Concur expense reports
  • Listen to voicemails and provide you with detailed messages
  • Type correspondence
  • Data Entry
  • Schedule your weekly/monthly team meetings

Human Resources and Recruitment process

We provide HR advisory services. This may include: talent search, screening, interviews, selection & recruitment. We also provide consultation on Saudi labor laws, best HR practices applied locally, and other regulations that can affect staffing. We can also help clients create from scratch HR manuals in compliance with the local rules & regulations. Our service includes benefits administration, payroll processing, and workforce management tasks.

Government Relations and Visa Processing services

Our long experience with significant government bodies that include various ministries (e.g. the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) help speed up the process of all routine procedures, and will ensure smooth and efficient interactions with these official organizations as well as any other semi-government institutions.

Through our network, we can ensure managers and all expatriate staff receive visas in a timely and hassle-free manner in line with the local regulations as they change.

Printing & Publishing Services

We can assist you to full fill all your business’s printing and media needs. No matter the print needs – brand materials, newsletters, signs – we have the technology and know-how to produce best-in-class communications.

Transportation Services

We provide transportation services consisting of: short and long-term vehicle leasing, with or without professional drivers. We provide new, clean and safe vehicles that are fully insured with free maintenance.

Translation Services

We provide certified Arabic to English & vice versa translation services. Our translation is done to rigorous high quality standards.

Event Management and Marketing

Let us help you to plan, market and manage your next seminar, sales meeting or other event.

Sales & Marketing (offline & online)Support

A clear, powerful marketing strategy that includes a variety of communication methods is critical to first, capturing the attention of your audience and second, influencing your audience to take a specific action or actions. Whether you are a new business or an established business, communicating with your stakeholders is important. The basic answers to “to whom are you communicating” (your key stakeholders, including customers and prospects) and “why are you communicating” (to market and grow your business) are likely the same as they were a few years ago, but the convergence of marketing and technology have radically changed the answers to the what, when, where, and how questions.

We work with small and medium businesses to develop cohesive online and offline sales and marketing strategies. Business and technology are changing every day and we'll help you develop a flexible, scalable, manageable, and measurable marketing plan to guide both your planned initiatives and real-time marketing opportunities.

Customer Service Support Solutions

We work with companies to design and develop solutions that improve both the customer and agent experience. We implement customer service and support solutions for today's contact centers that seamlessly bring web, social, chat, email and phone channels to the fingertips of your agents to drive an unmatched level of customer service. The more you know about your customers the better you can provide world-class service, enhance their experience and build a loyal customer base.

Procurement and Vendor Management

We manage and procure a vast range of third-party services and products, maintaining procurement across your organisations entire operations.

Our sourcing strategies include both sourcing and purchasing. All of our activities are underpinned by the way we evaluate and develop our suppliers. We will strategically select, manage and audit an approved, contracted vendor or vendors for you. Our account management teams then work with this vendor on a daily basis. It is this perfect combination of overall strategic direction and control, ensuring practical understanding at a local level.

Our supplier roster is vast and comprehensive. From marketing and transactional print, direct mail and office supplies, to stationery, premiums and packaging. We regularly audit for financial stability, quality and environmental standards, colour management techniques and ethical trading.

Document Management and Retention

Storing “everything forever” increases litigation risk, discovery costs, and storage costs. Destroying information without regard to legal requirements can lead to severe sanctions, fines, unfavorable settlement during legal events, and brand damage. Risk and cost increase when a formal program is not in place.

We can help guide you through the document retention process. No matter the industry, we are well placed to devise a stringent and well structured records management process and policy that fits your business and safeguards your information. And should you choose to, we can help you with the longer term management of your information with our document storage, destruction and electronic document management solutions.

Contract Negotiation and Management

Offering the expertise needed to optimize negotiations and to secure agreements quickly and successfully.

In today's competitive, volatile environments, contracts can have a critical impact on productivity – and profitability. We ensure contract delivery through sound contractual performance incentives and penalties. Our comprehensive skillset in establishing terms and conditions and contract negotiation ensures optimal outcomes, and agreements that are in place in the least amount of time.

Get results with contracts that are subject to the right terms and conditions, and management to ensure their optimal delivery.

Successful contract negotiation and management is key to financial stability of your organization. We will work with you from the beginning to understand your business objectives and business meeting goals, to create detailed business meeting specifications. Our contract experts can assist you with your contract negotiation and management needs

IT & Networking Support

We provide in house IT specialists to help you assess the most convenient IT solutions that suit your needs as you move into new office locations. From the diagnostic through the implementation phases, we can make sure you have a scalable, efficient software platform that will allow you to seamlessly collaborate with the local network.

Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, Email Marketing

We offer web design services for businesses, organizations and personal projects. Our Website Design Services are professional, affordable and flexible to meet your needs. Our Digital Marketing services to fuel the growth of your business. Our services have evolved, too, but are still designed to drive traffic to your website, increase brand, Content is found on social media, websites, blogs, emails, and more.