Corporate Services

We provide incorporation and administration services for companies, trusts and special purpose vehicles as well as other related services.

Company Formation

We can assist you to form a company either as 100% foreign ownership or with joint venture in Saudi Arabia. Throughout the incorporation process, we will give you full information about required documentation and provide you with all necessary paperwork. At each step of the process, we will keep you fully informed. Once the company is formed, we can also maintain your corporate minute books and assist you with any corporate changes to the company. We can also assist you to find your local/commercial agents in Saudi Arabia if you require.

Company Secretarial Services & Statutory Documents Maintenance

We ensure that your company is compliant with local statutory and legal requirements. We prepare a global compliance calendar with key filing dates and deadlines and reviews ad hoc transactional matters that related your company.

We can assist you with both core services as well as special projects (e.g. global director changes, incorporation/registration, corporate structure simplification, reorganization). Main services are but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of company’s shareholders register and minute books
  • Arranging for mandatory annual statutory filings with company registries (excluding tax returns)
  • Preparation of the documents for all Meeting types - AGM, Board, Committee, EGM inter alia
  • Charting of annual compliance deadlines and updating of changes in local legislation and regulations
  • Preparation and filing of documents for changing directors, general managers, officers, signatories and registered address
  • Preparation and filing of Powers of Attorney/Proxy
  • Preparation and filing of documents for auditors and other corporate-related changes
  • Preparation of and/or assisting with the documents for share-related transactions
  • Preparation of Board and/or Shareholders resolutions
  • Assisting with amendments to the Articles of Association
  • Assisting with legalizations/notarizations
  • Maintenance of client’s subsidiary database

Offshore Companies Formation

An offshore company is a corporate entity that may only operate outside the country of its incorporation, but may trade with established domestic companies formed within the same jurisdiction. It is regulated by and must operate under the tax regime of the jurisdiction of incorporation.

We have extensive experience incorporating offshore companies as part of a business structure in countries with a less sophisticated legal system. The fact that these companies are located in tax-free or low-tax countries makes them interesting to use in company structures located in countries with tax-free zones as well.

We advise on all aspects of company formations and corporate structures. We will assess your company in detail and make recommendations as to the best onshore or offshore location within which to establish your business and provide you with all relevant compliance information. We can further assist you with the incorporation of the offshore company of your choice. We maintain your corporate minute books and help with any corporate changes to the company.

We can setup companies for you in main offshore jurisdictions worldwide such as British Virgin Islands, Belize, Cyprus, Delaware, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore and United Arab Emirates (Offshore companies may be formed in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Ajman Free Zone and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates).

Bank Accounts

Most jurisdictions permit companies to open bank accounts, but be aware that the process may be lengthy and bureaucratic requiring extensive paperwork. We offer assistance with the entire process plus alternatives in those jurisdictions where opening a company bank account is difficult.

Asset Protection

We offer a number of asset protection services ranging from simple and secure to complex and bulletproof. We provide custom solution that’s right for your assets and personal risk. There is nothing too small to protect.

Here are Offshore Company’s top three asset protection strategies:

Create an Offshore Trust
Setup an international bank account with 100% privacy
Start an offshore corporation or limited liability company for maximum protection

We promise to work with you and find the best possible solution to protect your assets from unwanted seizure.

Merchant Accounts

Offering the purchase of goods and services via the internet is increasingly common in today’s market. If your company wishes to provide this service, secure payment facilities are vital. Our services include opening of merchant accounts, which allows your customers to pay online in a secure, fraud-free environment.

To open a merchant account, the company must be established in the same location, but the flexibility of online businesses allows you to choose your location in a tax-free or low-tax environment. We can help you choose the best jurisdiction for your business, establish your company structure and set up your company merchant account.